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Acupuncture from Carol gave me my life back! I broke my back in a car accident and was in severe pain for over four months. When I first saw Carol, I could barley walk, my husband had to carry me into the clinic. Four months after seeing Carol, I was back at school teaching. If it were not for Carol and acupuncture, I would not be back at work. Jen Johnson

I had been dealing with severe endometriosis pain for several years. Shortly after beginning acupuncture with Carol, my pain dramatically decreased and became manageable. By my sixth treatment I felt so much relief that I was astonished. Later in my treatments I expressed concern about pregnancy and the intense morning sickness I usually experience. After becoming pregnant, Carol was able to treat me morning sickness. I have had so little nausea that I often wonder if I’m even pregnant. Acupuncture has been a blessing in my life and in the life of my family. Crystal Stott

I have arthritis, bursitis and severe spinal stenosis. Carol’s treatments have been right on target and have given me much relief. She is kind, understanding and professional. I would recommend her for any ailment that acupuncture has been known to help. When you do not want to take a lot of harsh medications or have risky surgery, acupuncture is a wonderful alternative to try as a first-line treatment. Lynda K. Lowry

After three years and two cranial surgeries to try and relieve severe chronic glossopharyngeal nerve pain, I found Carol Velamparambil and acupuncture. Finally, relief from debilitating pain. Carol’s skills, knowledge and caring attitude have been key in my treatments. Where many doctors had failed, Carol and acupuncture have succeeded. Michele Johnson

The treatments I have received from Carol Velamparambil, have changed my life. I have had several chronic conditions for over 20 years, seen numerous doctors and had countless tests without any relief. After my third visit, I began to notice some significant changes. As my regular treatments continued, I really started to improve and the change was incredible. I can’t describe the feeling of being pain free after so long. It is remarkable. Kirk Marchant